Dick Nadeau died on April 19th, 2006.  His mission was to bring to light the truth and justice.  Sadly to say, he died before being able to see it happening.  His very last words where: “What’s happening in Cornwall”?  Let not him have died in vain. May we continue to intensify our conviction and strength to allow the truth and justice come to light. It belongs to the people.  

April 16, 2005: Inquiry Commissioner to be named Monday a.m., Cornwall City Hall

April 12, 2005: A public inquiry is still on the way - Brownell

April 9, 2005: Priest charged with sexual assault

March 28, 2005: Has the public inquiry into sexual abuse in Cornwall been forgotten?

March 24, 2005: Former Cornwall priest fights extradition

March 18, 2005: Church sex abuse did "immense damage".

February 25, 2005: The Truth, and My Voice

February 25, 2005: nOTES FROM THE SITE

February 25, 2005: Diocese uses cash of closed parishes

February 24, 2005: A solution to the priest shortage

February 23, 2005: Lawyer, ex-priest sued over sex-abuse claims

February 22, 2005: Cornwall victims of sexual abuse seek justice

February 22, 2005: Massachusetts priest named in sex abuse lawsuit in Texas

February 19,2005: Ces prêtres qui aimaient trop les enfants

February 19, 2005: Bishops say abuse accusers top 1,000

February 18, 2005: Boston Archdiocese to run criminal checks on priests

February 17, 2005: Former Cornwall priest (Désilets) extradited back to U-S on sex charges

February 15, 2005: Prison officials say strides made in security

February 15, 2005: Defrocked priest Paul Shanley, sentenced to 12 to 15 years

February 13, 2005:  Notorious Mass. pedophile ex-priest Porter dies at 70

February 7, 2005:  Jury finds Shanley  guilty as charged

February 11, 2005: Ex-nun: "Shanley trial a test between good and evil"

February 11, 2005:  Boston archdiocese defrocks four priests

January 29, 2005: Fr. Lapierre and Fr. Deslauriers

January 14, 2005: Cronin loses appeal

January 7, 2005: More work to do on sex predators

Dec.11/04:notes from the site

November 29/04: Inquiry Timeline set

November 24/04: Inquiry meeting coming Monday

November 18/04: Minister to meet local groups

November 18/04: Way clear for Project Truth inquiry

Govt of Ontario: Public Inquiries Act

Questions and answers about the Commission by way of the Ipperwash Inquiry

November 04-07/04:  Do we have an inquiry?

November 04/04: Agree that it's time for an inquiry- by Kevin Parkinson

November 04/04: Letter to the editor re: Inquiry

October 26/04: Letters to the editor re: Inquiry

October 18/04: Jacques Leduc walks; still pleads innocent to all charges

October 15/04: "Don't Hold Your Breath" - by Lorne Wiebe

October 15/04: "Public Inquiry Fading Away?

October 14/04: "Bishop Now Opposes Inquiry"

October 14/04: "Inquiry Needed" - Scott

October 14/04: "It's not settled" - by Lorne Wiebe

October 05/04: "The Real Project Truth" - by Lorne Wiebe

January 24/04:  The Bob Roth column

January 13/04: Supreme Court of Canada orders Leduc back to trial

November 28/03: Jacques Leduc to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada 

April 09/01: Letter to the Ontario Judicial Council (This letter should be read prior to reading the following)

July 24/03: The Ontario Court of Appeal's 37 page written decision  on the Jacques Leduc trial appeal

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